The Neighbourhood Plan will identify sites within the urban area suitable for housing development. Development in the green belt is not proposed
Agree    Neutral    Do Not Agree
81%         13%              6%

Housing growth should be approximately 150 new properties anticipated over the next 15yrs
Agree     Neutral   Do Not Agree
59%       28%             13%

Affordable housing should be promoted. (Discount for Sale, Shared Ownership/Shared Equity, Affordable Rent or Social Rent)
Agree    Neutral    Do Not Agree
64%       23%             13%

CWaC affordable homes target of 35% should be applied to Neston as a whole and not to each site individually
Agree    Neutral    Do Not Agree
68%      20%             12%

New housing development should meet the needs of the local area which will require a sustainable mix of owner occupied and rented properties
Agree    Neutral     Do Not Agree
77%       15%                8%

All new homes should be built to the highest possible architectural and environmental standards
Agree    Neutral     Do Not Agree
91%        7%                2%

The development of purpose-built student accommodation should be encouraged
Agree    Neutral     Do Not Agree
20%       36%             44%

The number of empty homes in the locality should be minimised
Agree    Neutral     Do Not Agree
93%       6%                   1%

Develop existing public green spaces without damaging natural features such as small woodlands, trees, hedgerows, ponds and streams. These are significant components which make our town special.
Agree    Neutral     Do Not Agree
93%        4%                3%

Develop cycle ways, Neston has a network of cycle ways including the Wirral Way and the Burton Marsh Greenway. There is much scope to connect these cycleways and to increase them.
Agree    Neutral     Do Not Agree
80%        12%               8%

Develop outdoor sporting spaces appropriate to the current and future population
Agree    Neutral      Do Not Agree
83%        13%               4%

Redevelop a high quality leisure centre on the existing site and ensure that it meets the needs of the population
Agree    Neutral       Do Not Agree
85%      13%                  2%

Neston provides a very varied range of clubs and societies which caters for all ages and abilities. It needs to encourage and protect the continuation of these and ensure that they have adequate premises.
Agree     Neutral      Do Not Agree
89%         10%                1%

Extend Parkgate car parking facilities. Car parking is at a premium in Parkgate and it is proposed that the Parkgate Old Baths site and the Station Road car parks should be extended. Car parking signs in the area as a whole should be improved to promote our ‘free car parking’ philosophy
Agree    Neutral      Do Not Agree
81%         10%               9%

Rationalise a central Bus Station. There is a need to rationalise the bus and rail transport in Neston, improve the bus shelter, seating and timetables
Agree     Neutral      Do Not Agree
87%        10%               3%

Provide space for a cycle hub with a cafe and cycle hire on the Wirral Way. Build a bridge to carry walkers, cyclists and horses along the Wirral Way over Station Road, Parkgate
Agree    Neutral      Do Not Agree
63%       23%              14%

Develop new allotments. There is a need for more allotment spaces of varying sizes and at reasonable rents
Agree    Neutral      Do Not Agree
68%      28%               4%

Neston has a diverse range of attractions and an historic heritage. We would like to promote and encourage the visitor economy and, to that end, a Visitor Centre would be desirable
Agree     Neutral      Do Not Agree
52%         28%             20%

We need to maximise the potential of Clayhill by enhancing the appearance of the Business Park and infrastructure and provide encouragement to new business start ups
Agree    Neutral      Do Not Agree
91%         7%                     2%

Provide suitable business premises throughout the town, catering for different types of businesses.
Agree   Neutral      Do Not Agree
86%       11%                     3%

Improve and extend the existing weekly market
Agree    Neutral      Do Not Agree
76%        19%                 5%

Provide incentives to promote and develop niche shops and bespoke businesses
Agree    Neutral       Do Not Agree
87%        11%                  2%

Promote the expansion of communications and technology based businesses
Agree     Neutral      Do Not Agree
62%         34%                4%

Promote childcare facilities to encourage young families into the area
Agree    Neutral       Do Not Agree
61%           30%               9%

Liaise with local schools and organisations to encourage development of career opportunities
Agree    Neutral       Do Not Agree
88%       11%                   1%